They make superfun stuff-
like commercials,
branded entertainment,
social media content,
ittybitty GIFs,
animated singalongs
explainary vids.


I was born to a couple of flower children – raised with goats and chickens in the woods in Oregon – learned meditation and Kyudo with the offspring of zen masters – and came to filmmaking through the door of wonder. My wife and I live in Denver. We have 3 children who blow our minds constantly. When I’m not making commercials I’m usually working on sci-fi film, riding bikes, or cooking something amazing. The world is vast and every nook and cranny asks to be loved. Why not?


When I was 13, my dad bought a used enlarger and set up a makeshift darkroom in our house. It was a pivotal moment for me, and I spent the better part of my teenage years photographing and printing hundreds of pictures of our dog, dressed up in my clothes. I think she enjoyed the spotlight. These days, I mostly take pictures of my kids but can’t resist putting a wig on my dog, Bella. It’s just too funny, and I’m pretty sure she loves it.

How it all Began…

Flashback: Many moons ago. Adrian and Mike were both directing short films for Sesame Street. They would meet up regularly to walk their dogs in the park and talk about life and work. They had a crazy idea – to make a studio built around playfulness and optimism and call it Practice. Since then they’ve made puppet shows for tech apps, singalongs for environmental awareness campaigns and a comedy special for a plumbing company. From tech to tourism, design conferences to food and everything in between, they’ve had a blast staying true to their hearts and working with amazing humans all over the world.

For inquiries, send electronic mail to hello@practicestudios.tv or call (720)477-0846

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