Featured Project

Creating a World Full of Kindness with Sesame Street

We were raised on Sesame Street from its very beginning. And we’ve raised our kids on its foundation of kindness, cooperation, learning and fun. If we’re honest, our core values came right out of those early episodes and songs.

So it was a thrill and an honor to get to partner with Sesame Workshops on the creation of show content on seasons 47 and 48 for HBO and PBS. All told we ended up making 20 pieces of show content.

B is for Birds

When we were asked to produce a short film titled “B is for Birds”, we knew just who to turn to – a group of young birders belonging to the Southern California Audubon Society. These kids really blew us away with their knowledge and passion for birding. We were up at dawn and spent a pretty incredible day watching this impressive group of kids, totally in their element.

This Morning is Brought to You by the Number 4

It can be a real challenge to get our own kids ready for the day and onto school with all they need for school. Now try that with 4 identical sisters! To help our young viewers learn all about the number 4 while getting ready for school, we created this fun sing-a-long that makes it so much easier! 

And so much more, from Elmo’s World to Monster Foodies to Big Bird!

Our involvement with Sesame Workshop is a relationship we cherish as we continue to produce a wide variety of content, including segments for Monster Foodies, Elmo’s World and many more individual short form spots. We are so grateful to have contributed to Sesame Workshop’s mission in the world to help kids everywhere grow smarter, stronger, and kinder.