Featured Project

Puppetry, Stop Motion &  Set Design

At Practice, hand-made characters feature prominently in much of our work. In this age of computer animation and slick 3D, we cherish working with puppets, miniature sets and physical environments. It connects us to the magic of animation, and we feel it imparts a distinct soulfulness that is unique to this process. By incorporating this traditional process with the latest film-making technologies, we’re able to really push the boundaries of what is possible, bringing to life scenes that are unlike anything else. 

How Far is Away – A Practice Studios Original

Our global addiction to single use plastics is a huge part of the climate crisis, and our reliance on these products shows no sign of slowing. By 2050, it is estimated there will be more plastic, by weight, than fish in all the oceans. As part of our commitment to furthering positive change and social justice, our studio produced this darkly humorous take on the life cycle of a single water bottle, as it travels to the sea and back again in the food we eat. We’ve been thrilled at the response to this project, and are honored that the Plastic Pollution Coalition has included the video in their educational materials for elementary science classrooms. 

Denver Art Museum – Imagining Our Values

The Denver Art Museum is one of the cultural jewels of Denver, and as the city’s profile has risen, so has the museum, with groundbreaking exhibits that compete with some of the largest museums in the world. As the museum prepared for a new expansion, they felt it was time to define and communicate their corporate values to the museum’s staff and board members. Using stop motion, set and character design, we developed these playful videos that capture the essence of each important value. 

Kwippit Messaging – Texting with Benefits

Why text when you can Kwippit?! Ordinary texts are so… zzzzzzzz…. boring! Boss asking you to come in on a Saturday? Send him a Kwippit telling him how you really feel! Pesky boyfriend after you to join him at the gym? Pass! Send him a Kwippit! To make these scenes come to life, we imagined the characters as phones, having a text conversation back and forth. It’s amazing how much personality can be conveyed in a simple paper cutout character on a stick!

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