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Colorado Tourism & the Etiquette of the Outdoors

Colorado faced a new challenge. The Colorado Tourism Office had been hugely successful in promoting Colorado as a premier destination, increasing tourism spending in the state to record levels. But the natural beauty that is the state’s chief asset was in danger of being over loved.

The Colorado Tourism Office asked us to partner with them, Miles Partnership, and Leave No Trace to create a campaign to have visitors and natives alike take action to preserve our natural treasures while enjoying them thoroughly.

Care For Colorado campaign images

How about a song?

We wrote lyrics based around the 7 principles, and worked with our music composition partners to create the song. Then we created animated characters to bring our message forward, and one hapless character to do it all wrong.

We started where we often do… with a song. Could we create an ear-worm of a tune that would get people singing along, learning and sharing about how to Care for Colorado? It had to be light and fun, but we also had to show the very real impacts of careless behavior. Forest fires, erosion, and bears… oh my!

Another Season for the Campaign

The first campaign was a huge success, generating a ton of attention and earned media. Colorado Public Radio did a feature on the campaign, it was selected as a winner at the Denver 50, and the song we wrote has gone on to be requested by environmental teachers as a fun way to communicate the Leave No Trace principles to younger audiences.

Following on this success, we were asked to come up with a new campaign of videos that focused on specific areas of outdoor etiquette: Trails, Wildlife, Campfires, and of course, Poop. Now that the spokes-animals, Elk & Bear, had been established in the minds of Coloradans, we built on their reputation as trustworthy, and produced several new spots that went into more depth on these important issues.

The Etiquette of Poop

The Etiquette of Campfires

The Etiquette of Trails

The Etiquette of Wildlife

And then the world changed…

Just as the new season of outdoor travel was about to begin, the world and Colorado along with it, was confronted with a public health challenge that suddenly changed the way everyone was thinking about tourism messaging. Our teams quickly regrouped and in short order developed a new campaign and song to reach travelers throughout the state on best practices for safe traveling during COVID-19.